Survival of the Frogs and Toads

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Identify 10 Northeast species and their life cycles, adaptations, defenses, and conservation efforts. Step by step drawing instructions to make a trade card of your favorite species!  Great for ages 8 and up.


You’ll need to print out the cards and use pencil and your favorite coloring medium.

Frogs and Toads Field Guide and Cards


What Is A Frog

What is a frog?

Adaptations and Survival

Adaptations and survival

How to Draw a Frog

How to draw a frog
Video 1 is four minutes and can be paused as needed. Video 2 is 16 minutes and can be paused as needed. Video 3 is six minutes and can be paused as needed. Drawing basic shapes takes about 10 minutes. Adding details can take as long as you like.
There are three videos to watch and three printouts for this course. You will also need a pencil, eraser, and colored pencils or other coloring medium.

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