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How to make an ActivityPop course :)

What is ActivityPop
ActivityPop is a project by Popsicle ( that was started on March 15, 2020 – after schools around the country shut down. Once schools were closed, parks, recreation centers, and libraries followed suit.

The Popsicle team realized the gravity of the situation for small businesses and activity providers, across the country. With no locations to run their programs, no revenue would soon follow. We put our heads together and thought, “How can we help. What can we do?”.

The ActivityPop project was born. The idea is to connect families with activity providers across the country. Allowing families to sign up for virtual programs. Bringing the love and passion these vendors have right into the living rooms of kids that can’t be there in person.

This is a historical moment in history. A time of uncertainty and worry. If we stick together, work together, we can get through this tough period.

ActivityPop is backed by hardworking individuals that care about the children’s activity industry and those who are involved. We’re calling on activity providers to join us and connect with kids far beyond your local community.

Our Goal
Our main goal is to help activity providers stay in business, while at the same time, providing children with engaging, educational, and enriching programs during this historic time.

Before you get started

Having a Game Plan
3 min

Setting up your first course

Add your first course
1 Min
4 min
Curriculum Tab
3 min
Adding Lesson Plans
3 min
FAQs Tab
1 min
Announcement Tab
1 min

Account Management

View orders and statistics
1 min
Getting Paid
1 min
Edit Profile
2 min
Yes. Courses should be at least 25 minutes. Teaching an hour long class in person should translate to about 25 minutes of content.
The course should be as long as it takes to fully teach your topic. However, please keep each lesson short as some student may not be able to sit through ten 30 minute videos. Use this course as a reference.
A ActivityPop course consists of a combination of videos, slides, texts, and quizzes. You can also link additional resources like PDFs, links, and audio files, etc. These components are structured into sections and lessons (sections are groups of lectures).
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